PLC-CITY provides a commercial invoice for each ORDER, done either through website or email by purchase order. The invoice comes shipped in the package together with ordered products.  

If any problem with the invoice occur or you need to receive an electronical copy, please contact us via email to or online chat.

The currency stated on PLC-CITY invoice is EURO due to the Italian law. If the purchase is processed in currency other than EURO, it will be converted to EUR at the time of invoice preparation based on the current exchange rate applied by our bank or payment gateway.


According to the European Law we do NOT charge Value Added Tax to European companies with valid European VAT no. The VAT no. must be provided at the time of order or checkout.  Companies and individuals from outside of European Union are NOT subject to VAT charge.

Companies based in Italy and individuals in European Union are subject to VAT charge. The VAT rate in Italy is 22%.

The following table clarifies taxable subjects:

Italy Yes Yes
European Union Yes No
(providing a valid EU VAT identification number)
Rest of the World No No

In case you have further questions about the VAT, please do not hesitate to contact us via email