The Italian Value Added Tax (IT VAT) is a country tax applied to each purchase, its rate is +22%. It is applicable on deliveries to Italy, delivery to EU billed to Italian and Extra-EU subjects, delivery to Extra EU billed to Italian subjects.

IT VAT is charged by our company at the online checkout or with order confirmation.

According to the European Laws we do NOT charge VAT to European companies that provide a valid European VAT number (EU VAT no.).

The EU VAT no. must be provided at the time of order/checkout and it gets verified by VIES System (

In case your EU VAT no. verification fails, there could be a VIES Server Error or your EU VAT no. is not valid.

In case your EU VAT no. is valid but the verification continue to fails please contact us.

Companies and individuals outside of European Union with delivery outside of EU are NOT subject to IT VAT charge, however customs duties and other taxes may be applied by the destination country and collected by the Courier at the delivery.

The following table clarifies taxable subjects:

Deliver to Bill to
Individuals ITA Company EU Company Extra EU Company
Italy (or store pick up) Yes Yes Yes Yes
European Union No Yes No Yes
Rest of the World No Yes No No

In case you have a special VAT reduction or exemption, or you have any doubt, please contact us via e-mail [email protected] or our online chat.

Find information about how sellers will deal with VAT and overseas goods sold directly to customers in the UK from 1 January 2021.

EU VAT identification number structure

Always include your country code in front of your Tax Identification Number otherwise the validation will fail!

Please do not insert any space or special character, use only digits in the format specified below: 

Member State Structure Format*
AT-Austria ATU99999999 1 block of 9 characters
BE-Belgium BE0999999999 1 block of 10 digits
BG-Bulgaria BG999999999 or
1 block of 9 digits or1 block of 10 digits
CY-Cyprus CY99999999L 1 block of 9 characters
CZ-Czech Republic CZ99999999 or
CZ999999999 or
1 block of either 8, 9 or 10 digits
DE-Germany DE999999999 1 block of 9 digits
DK-Denmark DK99999999 4 blocks of 2 digits
EE-Estonia EE999999999 1 block of 9 digits
EL-Greece EL999999999 1 block of 9 digits
ES-Spain ESX9999999X4 1 block of 9 characters
FI-Finland FI99999999 1 block of 8 digits
FR-France FRXX999999999 1 block of 2 characters, 1 block of 9 digits
XI-Northen Ireland XI999999999 or
XI9999999999995 or
XIGD9996 or
1 block of 3 digits, 1 block of 4 digits and 1 block of 2 digits;
or the above followed by a block of 3 digits;
or 1 block of 5 characters
HR-Croatia HR99999999999 1 block of 11 digits
HU-Hungary HU99999999 1 block of 8 digits
IE-Ireland IE9S99999L
1 block of 8 characters or 1 block of 9 characters
IT-Italy IT99999999999 1 block of 11 digits
LT-Lithuania LT999999999 or
1 block of 9 digits, or 1 block of 12 digits
LU-Luxembourg LU99999999 1 block of 8 digits
LV-Latvia LV99999999999 1 block of 11 digits
MT-Malta MT99999999 1 block of 8 digits
NL-The Netherlands NL999999999B998 1 block of 12 characters
PL-Poland PL9999999999 1 block of 10 digits
PT-Portugal PT999999999 1 block of 9 digits
RO-Romania RO999999999 1 block of minimum 2 digits and maximum 10 digits
SE-Sweden SE999999999999 1 block of 12 digits
SI-Slovenia SI99999999 1 block of 8 digits
SK-Slovakia SK9999999999 1 block of 10 digits


*: Format excludes 2 letter alpha prefix 
9: A digit 
X: A letter or a digit 
S: A letter; a digit; "+" or "*"
L: A letter 


1: The 1st position following the prefix is always "U".
2: The first digit following the prefix is always zero ('0').
3: The (new) 10-digit format is the result of adding a leading zero to the (old) 9-digit format.
4: The first and last characters may be alpha or numeric; but they may not both be numeric.
5: Identifies branch traders.
6: Identifies Government Departments.
7: Identifies Health Authorities.
8: The 10th position following the prefix is always "B".
9: All letters are case sensitive. Please follow the exact syntax of the VAT number shown.