Purchasing Methods

PLC-CITY is constantly working on facilitating the purchase process and ensuring the easiest check-out for our customers.

It is possible to purchase both as private subject (individual) or as a company.

Customers are welcome to purchase and pay either by:

  •         ordering online through PLC-City website
  •         or by contacting us by e-mail and sending the Purchase Order


Purchasing process through our website consists of two easy steps specified below: 

Search it

Find the product by entering at least 3 characters in the Search field in upper right corner or use the Product menu to search among products. Once you find what you are looking for, click on the ‘BUY IT NOW’ button to add this item into your cart. You can add more items into your cart, delete them, change quantities, enter promotional discount code etc. until you finalize your cart. You will always find the shopping cart symbol on the top right side of your page while searching through the products.

Once your searching is done and you found all what you need, feel free to complete your purchase by entering your Shopping cart.


You may purchase the items:

  •         as a guest (without registration) by filling in all requested fields,
  •         as a registered customer by signing into your account
  •         or you can login with your PayPal, Amazon, Google or Facebook account

Please fill-in the required fields - enter your name, delivery address, invoice address, VAT no. if available, email address and phone number.

Select the preferred delivery method - our courier or store pick-up (Please select the store pick-up even in case if you wish to use your own courier account and provide your courier account number in the notes section)

Please choose the preferred payment method. We accept payments by Bank transfer, PayPal, Credit Card (VISA, Master Card and American Express), Debit Card or iDeal.

We would like to inform you that all 3 payment methods we offer are safe and your information will not be re-used.



In case you prefer to communicate your order directly with PLC-CITY sales team, please send us an e-mail to sales@plc-city.com. The email should include name/company name, billing and delivery address, phone number and the list of products you’d like to purchase.  Our team will check it carefully and prepare the proforma invoice. 


ALL ORDERS DONE WITH PLC-CITY (through the website or email) are always accompanied with commercial invoice.  More information about invoices can be found here.  

Vendor Billing Details: 

Company Name: Dielle S.r.l.
Street Address: Via Circumvallazione esterna, 12
ZIP: 80025
City: Casandrino
Country: Italy
VAT ID: IT01523381216