The Italian Value Added Tax (VAT) is a national sales tax, at a 22% rate, and it's applied to all invoices issued to customers with a billing address in Italy, to all invoices with delivery in Italy and to non-European companies for deliveries within the European community.

Shipping to ITA
Billing to ITAYES
Billing to EUYES
Billing to Extra EUYES
Shipping to EU
Billing to ITAYES
Billing to EUNO
Billing to Extra EUYES
Shipping to EXTRA EU
Billing to ITAYES
Billing to EUNO
Billing to Extra EUNO

VAT is calculated based on the goods value and services at the time of purchase or during the quotation phase.

VAT is known by different names in other countries. Here are some examples:

  • •France, Belgium, Canada (Quebec): TVA (Taxe sur la Valeur Ajoutée)

  • •Spain: IVA (Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido)

  • •United Kingdom: VAT (Value Added Tax)

  • •United States: Sales Tax


All goods travel with a commercial shipping invoice inserted in a document pocket on the outside of the package. Furthermore, as soon as the package is collected by the courier, the customer will receive an email with a link to download the invoice in PDF format.

All invoices are in issued EURO currency as per the Italian law.

For all orders placed in other currencies, the invoice will be issued in EUROs and additionally it will show the amount total in the other currency at the bottom.

Before issuing the invoice, PLC-CITY checks the VAT number provided by the customer. In case of inconsistencies, PLC-CITY will contact the customer before proceeding with invoicing, with potential delays in shipping.

If the customer belongs to a preferential tax zone or has a particular VAT reductions or exemptions, he can contact PLC-CITY via e-mail, telephone or chat to discuss its application.

For Italian companies, the invoice will be sent to the SDI exchange system within 12 days from the issue date.

For any problems or errors discovered on the invoice, or to request a copy, the customer can contact PLC-CITY via chat, telephone or at the email address: [email protected].